Saturday, August 1, 2015

In the News, 8/1/15

A roundup, with emphasis on VDARE.

At the continental level, this ugliness should not be considered a form of inter-racial marriage; after all, both partners are Asiatics.

The King of Cuckservatives. Why aren't there protesters at his events already, holding up cuckservative signs?

Another Cuckservative. What moron would believe him?  We remember Manchurian Johnny and his tough-guy, squinty-eyed declaration of "build the danged fence" - and now he calls his own constituents "crazies" for wanting immigration law enforced. Is bible-thumping retardate Huckabee any different?

Here's VDARE acting like juvenile jackasses again. They must have these photos of women on file somewhere, to be recycled every time the VDARE crowd feel a spike in their micro-endowment of testosterone.  As far as Orban goes, the proof of the pudding is not his "big words," but the end result in Hungary's demographics.

Can a sitting President be sued?  Or do they have to be impeached first? Can the families of the victims of these illegals sue the President for lack of immigration enforcement?  That would be an interesting legal case.

Double jackassery: hosting more of the vile race-mixing cuckservative Derbyshire, complete with more moronic "cheesecake" photos. I guess the Derb would want to know whether the cheesecake is vanilla-flavored (bad) or banana-flavored (good).