Sunday, August 2, 2015

John Derbyshire: Goodwhite

Goodwhite cuckservative Derbyshire.

I note that Derbyshire has been on a "goodwhite vs. badwhite" kick on VDARE, just like other writers on that blog are obsessed about "affordable family formation," "racial integration as a scam to make money in real estate," or "let's post superfluous 'cheesecake' pictures of women and snicker like Beavis and Butthead."

Getting back to "the Derb" - what makes him think that he's any representative of "badwhites" to speak in their defense?

Let's see now:

Goodwhite: a White involved in an inter-racial marriage, with mixed-race children, who vigorously defends and promotes race-mixing, who is very pro-Jewish, and who is suitably hostile to White nationalism. If on "the right" - a good cuckservative.

Badwhite: a White who disapproves of race-mixing, is skeptical of Jewish behavior, and supports White nationalism.

Thus, Derbyshire is a prime Goodwhite.  His family structure is well known. Why, he was once - by his own admission - an illegal immigrant.  He's debated Taylor on VDARE in favor of race-mixing. He's savagely critiqued MacDonald and he's also repeated, favorably, the characterization of Amren conference attendees as "latrine flies."  Derbyshire is therefore the paradigm of a goodwhite cuckservative.