Friday, August 7, 2015

More Dissection of anti-Salterism

Behold the imbeciles.

The stupidity of the anti-Salter argument can be further dissected through the following scenario.  Let us assume that the native Irish population of Ireland is being rapidly race replaced by a mass migration of Nigerians (not much different from the current situation).  Let us consider Irishman Kevin O’Brien, sitting in a Dublin pub, drinking beer and brooding about this situation.

The anti-Salterites would claim that:

1.  Kevin should cheer up since he is suffering no loss of personal fitness whatsoever due to the alien influx and the consequent diminishment of his ethny in their own territory.

To assert this, they must believe that there are no genetic differences between population groups (false), that Irishmen are not more genetically alike than they are to Nigerians (false), or that biological fitness has no connection with genetic continuity (laughably false).

2. Kevin can take advantage of the influx and enhance his fitness. For example, he is a businessman who can exploit cheap Nigerian labor.

Yes sir!  Kevin will be so successful, he will be able to father several million children to compensate for the loss of an entire ethny. Let’s hope he has a cast iron prostate!  What nonsense.

Just because short-sighted businessmen favor profits over biological fitness doesn’t mean they are not losing fitness, are losers in the biological game of life, or that Kevin shouldn’t defend his own genetic interests.

3. Kevin is losing fitness, but he can’t do anything about it, since the behaviors to act thus “have not evolved.”  (And as we know, throughout history, people have never defended their group, because that behavior “hasn’t evolved!”).

Sure!  Starting a blog to inform his co-ethnics of the threat can’t be done, because it hasn’t evolved. Kevin can’t get involved in politics, such as anti-immigration political activism, because that behavior hasn’t evolved.  He certainly can’t contact his nationalist brother Seamus in Cork and coordinate resistance, perhaps forming a new political party or nationalist organization, because, you know, the ability to behave in that manner just hasn’t evolved. On the other hand, sitting in a pub, drinking beer, and allowing your nation to be over-run by aliens - that is an evolved behavior!  No doubt.

The mendacity of the anti-Salterites comes into sharper focus.

4. No wait!  Kevin can act, but if he does, he will be outcompeted by a non-altruistic, free-riding Irishman and so the (as of yet unidentified) “alleles for altruism” will be diminished in the population. 

Yes sir!  As if: (1) any and all actions Kevin could take are going to significantly diminish his personal fitness, (2) the cost of losing an entire ethny is not orders of magnitude greater than some theoretically possible loss of personal fitness, and (3) the replacement of altruistic Irishmen, who are so universalist they allow their nation to be colonized, by the more ethnocentric expanding Nigerians is not going to reduce “alleles for altruism” to a far greater extent than any possible personal loss by individual Irishmen.  Never mind that “self-sacrificing altruism,” to the extent that it may be genetic, is likely coded by a number of genes, acting in conjunction, with a frequency distribution throughout an entire population, and that the actions to preserve that population from replacement will in fact, overall, preserve the altruistic alleles distributed among that total population.

5. Who cares?  Kevin may lose fitness, he could act, acting would preserve the population and its “altruism,” but what does it matter?  Why does race matter?  Kevin simply doesn’t care. 

Indeed. And if brother Seamus becomes an Irish Hitler, and exterminates all non-Irish living in Ireland, then, who cares?  Kevin doesn't care!  If Seamus is a scientific genius who creates a “genetic targeted virus” that exterminates all non-Europeans world-wide, then, who cares?  “There is no such thing as race,” and “we are all genetically the same,” and “if the White race dies off, who cares,” so, equally, if all non-Whites die off, there is “no loss” and “who cares?”  If it all doesn’t matter, then let Kevin and Seamus be anti-immigrant activists if they feel like it.  Who cares?  Or would you suddenly “care” at that point?

All this anti-Salterism is thinly disguised ethnic, personal, and/or ideological agendas (the same as “race does not exist”), spouting ludicrous anti-logic and patent falsehoods in the hope of fooling weak-minded people. To put it in the perspective of this scenario: some people don’t want Kevin to act because they WANT (for whatever reason) Irishmen to be race replaced by Nigerians.

The following would be a typical casual conversation between a normal man and an anti-Salterian imbecile:

Man: It is important to put your money in safe and proper investments, you don’t want to give it all away to someone scamming you by trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

Imbecile: No, that’s not right. Humans have not evolved a special instinctual behavioral module to avoid scams involving New York bridges. Therefore it is impossible – impossible I say! – for anyone to avoid such a scam. In fact, since there is no evolved behavior against such scams, the scams do not exist. 

Man: Err…are you serious?

Imbecile: Green beard.

Man: What does that mean?

Imbecile: Hey, I throw around phrases such as “green beard effect” so that third party observers think I’m so very well informed!  In fact, all I have to do is say “green beard effect” or “red queen” or “Hamilton” and all your arguments mysteriously vanish. It’s a good trick.

Man: Hey!  That panhandler just attacked that man who gave him a dollar. He killed him! I’m calling the police!

Imbecile: Why call?

Man: He killed him!  And if he gets away he’ll kill someone else probably, maybe even me.

Imbecile: Don’t do that. Don’t call. The costs incurred to you by your act of altruism, contributing to collective social goods, will depress your fitness so you’ll be outcompeted by a selfish free rider benefiting by your civic mindedness. That will decrease “alleles for altruism” in the population.

Man: That panhandler just killed a giving altruist, if he gets away, he’ll do it again. Letting him kill will really decrease your mythical discrete “alleles for altruism.”  You really are a stupid bastard.

Imbecile: Incorrect. There is no evolved behavioral mechanism for identifying people as “stupid bastards,” hence, I am not one. There can be no such thing as a stupid bastard.

Man: Jump off a building, moron.

Imbecile: If I did, I would come to no harm. After all, there is no evolved behavioral mechanism for activating anti-gravity protection; thus, gravity does not exist and I can jump with impunity.