Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Mainstreaming Success, 8/26/15

Proving my point.

With respect to recent debates at Counter-Currents, re: mainstreaming, Amren, and related issues, I note two articles at VDARE today.

First, we see that Taylor invites a Jewish (surprise!) journalist to his home, twice, and then expresses surprise (surprise!) that this Levantine scribbler writes a smear job on "White nationalists" (some of whom are merely HBD paleoconservatives) and Donald Trump.  Is Osnos the only one who has "learned nothing?"  Another mainstreaming success, I gather. Twenty-five more years of such success and we'll really be making progress!

And then we have more contributions from the "chosen ones" - is this incitement to violence?  If a WN (real or HBD) wrote something similar about an Establishment candidate, what would be the reaction, I wonder?

On a (of course) completely unrelated note: one argument against affirmative action is that it elevates the less competent over the more competent, thereby decreasing efficiency and accomplishment. Something to consider over the next generation of sterling "movement" success.