Friday, August 28, 2015

Trump Hits the Sweet Spot

Donald Trump: Right-Wing Populist.

Contrary to the Beavis-and-Butthead onanistic fanboys and their girlish shrieks of "Trump has tight game," and contrary to the pathetically self-interested "awkward squad" miscegenators and their claim that Trump is the "HBD candidate," the ultimate reality of Trump is that he is running a campaign of unabashed right-wing populism.

Some time ago, on a Counter-Currents podcast, Greg Johnson asserted that "right-wing populism is the sweet spot of American politics," and Trump's popularity has proven Johnson correct. In fact, the American voter is hungry for any kind pf populism, including the left-wing variety (Bernie Sanders), but it is right-wing populism which is the more potent force and which has the Establishment, particularly its Levantine corner ("the goy mobs have their pitchforks out"), so worried.

Thus, whatever happens with Trump's candidacy, even if he collapses into cuckservatism, his value is in unleashing the genie of right-wing populism from the constipated bottle of American politics. Trump is therefore the Bringer of Chaos in American politics, and for that we should all be grateful.

The mettle of White Americans will be demonstrated if the Establishment is unable to get that genie back into the bottle. After all, the Republican Establishment can manipulate things to make sure that a Bush or Rubio is nominated, but can they be confident of a high turnout of the White base (what the Bush family calls the "extra chromosome crowd") to ensure Election Day victory?  And if Trump runs as a third party candidate (which he should, if he is not nominated and if he really is "alpha"), then the chance that the GOP Establishment comes out of all this a winner is ZERO.

Bring on the chaos!