Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trump's Immigration Plan and Mainstreaming

Radical conservatism.

With respect to what I wrote here, let's look at Trump's latest immigration plan, and the hysterical reaction of the Neocons, who represent the current mainstream of GOP politics.  

Although Trump's plan is somewhat weak by WN standards, by "Republican conservative" standards, it is "radical" and "extremist" - to the extent that the mainstream labels it "White identity politics."  Note Trump's continued popularity and the lack thereof for mainstreaming Jeb Bush.

If we make an analogy between the GOP and the "movement," then Trump is akin to, say, The Turner Diaries, and Jeb Bush is akin to Derbyshire speaking about HBD at an Amren conference. Trump is like Golden Dawn and Jeb Bush is like Marine Le Pen or Orban.

Sure, the Establishment is against Trump and will sabotage his campaign in every way possible. However, looking at personal popularity among base supporters, radical is "in" and mainstream is "out."