Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Comment on Sir Viktor, King of Mainstreaming

Some useful comments.

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Wrong attitude. That softly softly approach is the exact attitude that has created this crisis. Those “migrants” effortlessly walking round the small numbers of Hungarian police initially posted on the border were already breaking the law. Remember this is a country that is prepared to use large numbers of police to arrest and expel one White Nationalist for trying to have a drink with a few friends before a conference. Cracking a few heads at the start of the crisis would have been well within Hungarian law, however much elements of the media screeched about it. Thanks to the initial laxness a lot more heads will have to be cracked, while those already in have already started to burden Europe in countless ways. This invasion happened on Obran’s watch. I’m not really sure he can ever make amends for that although it’s good to see him now trying. There are also problems with Hungary’s number two party, Jobbik, who tend to view the Islamic and non-European world sympathetically while maintaining revanchist claims against Hungary’s European neighbours.

I agree with both points.  First, Sir Viktor is a fraud - using excessive force to shut down a nationalist conference and harass Spencer, while having police stand around as laughing migrants crawl under and over the chicken wire "fence."  And as regards the "horrors" of the "water cannons and tear gas" - remember the migrants were physically attacking the Hungarian forces - throwing rocks and concrete slabs that can kill. The Hungarians were well within their rights to shoot to kill. But, hey, maybe they're saving their bullets for the next NPI conference. And the comments on Jobbik underscore the problems of "petty nationalism"/ethnonationalism, a concept which should have been dead and buried with World Wars I and II.