Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Useful Suggestion

We need some "currents events" reports from Europe.

A commentator at The Occidental Observer writes:

Maybe I have just missed it, but I would love TOO to offer a long thoughtful article devoted to the increasingly unhinged Angela Merkel.

This is a good idea.  If there are any readers of this blog from Europe, you should consider contacting The Occidental Observer and/or Counter-Currents to see if those sites would appreciate a first-hand report on the ongoing Camp of the Saints invasion of Europe. Of particular interest would be a first-hand, nationalist-oriented understanding of what's going on in Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Greece - although information on other nations could be useful as well (for example, the political situation in the UK on this, France being a big player in EU politics, Poland now saying they'll take more migrants, and the leader of the Czech Republic suggesting a European army to stem the tide).

Some time ago I wrote here that "our" treasonous elites would gladly choose to have the entire White world destroyed rather than inconveniencing one "person of color" for a microsecond. I can imagine some readers rolling their eyes at that - "Sallis is being a radical lunatic again."  But look at what is going on, look at the behavior of scum like Merkel - am I wrong?