Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Asians in Canada

Comment from The Occidental Observer, emphasis added.

Mr. Sunic mentions the success of East Asians in Western societies. Successful for them and mildly irritating to devastating for Whites, at least in Canada where Vancouver seniors are picking through garbage cans, unable to afford both housing and food, Chinese speculators having priced even the meanest dwelling out of their reach. Vancouver where rude and arrogant Chinese have turned a once beautiful coastal city into an ugly soulless Chinatown. Surrey and Richmond B.C. once quiet white rural communities now overcrowded East Asian enclaves, falling into decay and squalor. No White person venturing into these communities feels welcome. 
Ontario is just as bad, Brampton, or Bramladesh as the locals call it, East Scarborough, Rexdale, and Malton, all colonized. Here too, White Canadians are the outsiders, made to feel unwelcome in the neighbourhoods their parents and grandparents tended.  
The effect on Canada’s once fabulous health care system is tragic. Long waiting lists for cancer treatments, surgeries and general medical care, and no priority given to those who’ve worked a life time paying heavily into the system, while immigrants only a few months in the country recieve the benefits.  
The irony is that the only city where the immigrants integrated and Whites and newcomers get along is Windsor Ontario and the immigrants are Middle Easterners, many of them Muslims.
But, but, but....Derbyshire would find lots of China doll sex toys in the influx, Lynn would praise these "high-IQ" saviors of Western civilization, and Jones would blame it all on the Meds and Slavs, with nary a word for these sweet Asiatics.

Play the piano, fellows, play that piano!