Saturday, September 12, 2015

EGI in the News and Some Advice for Saint Viktor

Several items.

Salter describes the need for an Australian Ministry of Emigration.

You'd think that with recent published scientific work, the anti-Whites would stop their anti-Salterian song-and-dance about "evolution of altruism," "ethnocentrism is maladaptive" and such patent nonsense.  The scientific approach is to analyze the data and try and refute it, while proposing alternative models.  In reality, they cannot refute it, since the mathematical modeling matches the results of the entire spectrum of human history, and makes logical sense as well.

We have reached the point that critics of Salterism have run out of excuses. Their opposition is clearly political and not scientific. They have no scientific argument, other than to endlessly repeat already refuted assertions over and over again.

At the current time, the only thing that can be done is to debate these liars, expose their mendacity, and hope third party observes discern the truth - the truth in this case meaning not only the validity of EGI but also the sociopolitical motivations of the liars opposing Salter's thesis.

In a future White ethnostate?  This scum should be captured, put on trial to expose their perfidy to the public, and then executed to the delight of the watching, cheering crowds.

Then we have the patron saint of mainstreaming nationalism, Viktor Orban, whining like a baby.

Some free advice for you Vik.  This is what you need to do. Send the Hungarian army to the border and shoot anyone invading your country. Men, women, children, it doesn't matter, shoot and kill, kill them all. Once word gets out, they'll stop coming. Who knows?  Do that and you may win all those Jobbik votes you've been lusting after.

Oh, yes, the EU and Germany will complain.  Leave the EU and tell Germany to go stuff it. Haven't Hungarians been bullied by Germans throughout their history long enough?  If the US mouths off, say the same to them. What business does a country that can't control its own borders have dictating to a nation that acts on behalf of its sovereignty?  Oh, yes, someone at "the Hague" will accuse you of "crimes against humanity." Answer to that: send some Hungarian commandos to capture that person, and bring them back to Budapest for trial. Hey, if it worked for the Israelis with Eichmann, why not for you?  And do you think the EU or the USA will "have the balls" to bomb Budapest if you shoot the invaders?   I doubt it. Anyway, how about Hungary develops its own nuclear weapons? I'm sure you have the scientific expertise. Have some nice ICBMs on your soil, tipped with thermonuclear warheads, and see if attitudes toward Hungary change. I bet they'd change real fast.  That's my advice, Vik. You're welcome.