Sunday, September 20, 2015

Excellent Comment Against the "Lesser of Two Evils" Philosophy

Also an indictment of mainstreaming.

Read here.  Excerpt, emphasis added:

As for Orban “doing the best that he can under the circumstances,” my own feeling is that we need to stop making excuses for politicians. So many people on the Right will excuse their favorite politicians with the reasoning that, yes, they’re doing some reprehensible or negligent things, but it’s all an elaborate cover to keep them in power so that they can enact their REAL agenda. And some people will stick to this line no matter how many times a politician will violate the alleged principles that they supposedly stand for. “It could be worse,” seems to be what the argument boils down to. But I think we should stop settling. That sort of logic is why so many people continue to vote Republican in the US – “Sure, they don’t ever actually do the things I think they should be doing, but they’re still better than those nasty liberals” – in spite of the fact that they’re virtually indistinguishable. I’m not saying Orban is as bad as that, but at the same time, I don’t regard him as being “one of us.” We need to expect more from, and have higher standards for, people who claim to be our leaders.