Sunday, September 6, 2015

Harpending Youtube Video

A scientist speaks.

The common sense talk on race is good, but I am particularly interested in what he has to say starting around the 8:10 mark - about how science works, the need for skepticism, the attempt to falsify hypotheses, the unending search for truth.

This is why I do not consider Harpending to be a HBDer (my definition), regardless of whether he or others may label him so. HBD is not science, it is not skeptical, it refuses to question or falsify its rigid dogmas, it is merely a political movement that uses the veneer of science in a purely instrumental manner. HBD is a pseudoscience that reverses the scientific method - it starts off with assumed "truths" and then cherry picks data (quantitative as well as anecdotal) in an attempt to confirm, not falsify, those assumed "truths."

HBD is simply a pseudoscientific political movement aimed an advancing the ethnic interests of Jews, East Asians, and South Asians, particularly those living in Western nations.