Monday, September 7, 2015

Hero's Welcome

The leucosa race: lower than omega.

What can one say?  A people are being invaded, they are being destroyed, they are being genocided, they are being genetically cuckolded in their own historic territories, and their response is to cheer, to embrace, to celebrate the hate-filled invaders, who strut through European streets with their chests puffed out, the winners celebrating their victory over the weak, delusional, parasitized losers.

On top of that, the greasy swarthoid alien Turks, long the enemy of Europe and the West, have the nerve to criticize Europe for not taking enough invaders (!), while the UN chastises Europe for not committing demographic-cultural suicide fast enough.

To say that the White race is objectively worthless is an understatement.  One needs to find new and more powerful ways of expressing the depths of utter inferiority, the most despicably disgusting weakness, that represents the dregs of humanity known as "the White race."

Note to European nationalists: it may be advisable to shut up in your criticism of America and Americans, and of American nationalists, given the pitiful displays occurring in your own continent.

Note to mainstreamers: when are you gong to admit that you are failing?