Saturday, September 19, 2015

How Come Breezy Gets It Right?

Answer: he's not part of the "movement."

The "movement" really needs to ask itself why an unmitigated idiot and outrageous hypocrite like Breezy can understand what's going on in Europe now, while the "movement" fails spectacularly. Perhaps the "movement" needs to apply its principled opposition to affirmative action to itself? Maybe it is time to end the ethnic fetishism?  And end the Hitler worship?

You know, Germany, you are supposed to be in a Union with other Europeans. If you choose to betray Europeans for the denizens of other continents, it’s a little rich to act like you are upholding European unity.  
So far the Serbs have been trying to be the perfect EU candidates, passing along the Muslims with a smile. Now, though, the Serbs are asking the EU powerbrokers: Please tell us what European Values means you want us to do. If you want us to help the Muslims along, we’ll do that. But if you want us to be not nice, please spell it out for us, we’re not that clever. We’re just poor dumb tough Serbs. 
Maybe the endgame is that the Germans and Austrians are setting the Serbs up to be the Fall Guys for Merkel’s Boner. Payback for 6/28/1914 and all that. Maybe ultimately, the Serbs are going to have to go all 1389 on Merkel’s Muslim invaders, and then the Austrians and Germans can gasp and fan themselves and blame it all on the backwards Serbs and set back Serbia’s EU application by decades, while inwardly thanking fate that they dodged this idiotic bullet they shot at themselves.