Friday, September 11, 2015

In the News, 9/11/15

Two more pitiful items of White pathetic weakness.

Number one.   True enough, these balkanoids do not belong in Germany. But to deport indigenous Europeans to make room for NEC filth, Africans, and other third world invaders is just the sort of Merkelite Germanism cited in my last post.

And then, for number two,  we have something from the patron saint of mainstreaming, Saint Victor.

Instead of giving this heroic woman a medal for trying to do what Orban's chicken-wire fence and stand-around police do not do, the Hungarian authorities want to prosecute her! They're lucky the NPI is not trying to have a meeting there now, or else they'd really be over-loaded arresting patriots and nationalists - while migrant invaders swarm through Budapest with absolute impunity, and as aggressive NECs easily pass under and over Viktor's flimsy "vote for me and not for Jobbik" "fence."

Viktor Orban: left-wing. pro-immigration, anti-patriotic leader of Hungary.