Thursday, September 3, 2015

In the News: Orbanite Mainstreaming, Derb the Vile Turd, Pathetic Beta-Male Weakling Trump

Three sorry tales.

Pictorial analysis of Orbanite mainstreaming. The mainstreaming fanboys tell us that mainstreaming is “worth it” because it increases the chances of “getting into power” after which “you can achieve your objectives.”  Well, my friends, Orban is in power.  It seems that his objectives are what then?  Flooding Hungary with alien migrants and cancelling NPI meetings? The truth of Orban’s Hungary is that illegal alien invaders from the Middle East and Africa are more welcome than are legal tourists who want to hold a perfectly peaceful nationalist meeting. What an outrageous turd this Orban is. What outrageous buffoons are all the mainstreamers who breathlessly quote King Viktor’s bombastic nonsense as if empty talk without action has any real meaning.

The season of White-hating Asiaphilic blogging is at hand, with race traitor Derbyshire praising anti-WN, anti-EGI Jamaican hybrid “Jayman.”  Know your enemy White man: the fundamentally dishonest, politically-motivated pseudoscience of HBD.  Question: is there a blogger on “the right” more vile than the despicable turd Derbyshire?  It is hard to think of one.

Beta-male groveling.  Yes, I know, the onanistic gamesters, dripping in their panties, and girlishly shrieking about “the Trumpening,” will spin this as they wish, but this is hardly the picture of “an alpha male doing as he pleases.”  Of course, if Trump decides to ditch the pledge, and run third party anyway, he would have won back his alpha bona-fides. But as of now?  A 100% beta-male weakling. If Trump sticks to this pledge, he has to win the nomination to make it worth it, and if he thinks that the RNC’s “assurances” of “fairness” actually are worth a damn, he’s dumber than he is abrasive. Of course, on the other hand, claims that the RNC reneged on the “fairness” would be grounds for abrogating this pledge. Are you listening, Donald?