Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Is Orban the New Putin?

Heavy breathers shift their attention from Russia to Hungary.

Here is the on-the-ground reality of what's going on in Europe.

And here is how the "movement" sees it.

It seems the amorous attention of the "movement" is shifting from Trad Vlad to Saint Viktor.  The reality is that Orban is constantly waffling, with his finger up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. He'll make bombastic remarks against immigration, and then say he would like to have an immigrant family stay in his home (if it wouldn't encourage others).  He erects some flimsy chicken wire fences and then orders some of it taken down. On the one hand, you'll see Hungarian authorities shooting water cannons (and why not real cannons?) at migrants, on the other hand, you'll see Hungarian police doing nothing as smiling migrants go over and under the chicken wire fence. Saint Viktor as the savior of Europe vs. the Budapest train station stuffed to the gills with invaders, which Vik dutifully shovels to the west.

Maybe Vik just needs to go to the border and erect (a word to get the "movement" loins a-stirring) some more chicken-wire fence, and do it bare-chested. Then it would be: "Vlad who?"

So fickle!