Thursday, September 3, 2015

Leucosa Watch: In the News, 9/3/15


"The drowning of Europe," indeed.  Are the lower-than-omega leucosa Whites so pathetic that they will make world-historical decisions based on a photograph of one dead NEC child, a child part of a ruthless invasion of Europe?  Where was all this outrage when English children were being mass-molested in Rothertham for years on end?  Where is the outrage that Sweden is becoming the rape capital of the northern hemisphere due to immigration? How about pictures of this?  Any outrage?  Let's be honest: from an adaptive fitness standpoint, the White race is the most inferior form of life imaginable, Whites are lowly filthy scum from a biological fitness stance. Is it any wonder that such a weakling race is being pushed off the pages of history by more virile peoples?

Trump's dilemma.  Let's see what he says. If he really is the "alpha" that the girlish fanboys shriek about, he'll deal with this blatant intimidation by declaring that, yes, he WILL run as a third party candidate if he' doesn't get the Republican nomination. If he's a cuckservative loser, he'll break under the pressure, agree to the pledge, and then watch the GOP Establishment spend the next year making sure his candidacy is dead and buried.