Monday, September 14, 2015

Mainstreaming Comedy Gold

Viktor Orban speaks his mind.

Hungary's leader Viktor Orban…told a German newspaper that he would take a refugee family into his own home if he was sure that this would not encourage others to make the journey to Europe. Asked in an interview with Germany's mass-selling Bild whether he would put such a family up, Prime Minister Orban said: "Yes, if migrants did not take that as encouragement to come to Europe. That wouldn't be advisable at the moment." 
He said his wife and children were already actively helping the refugees.  
Orban, a conservative populist always keen to undercut his main political rival, the far-right Jobbik party

Translation: Orban is actually a humanist whose "tough" rhetoric and modest actions are designed to win votes from Jobbik. If Jobbik wasn't around exerting political pressure from the right, would Orban be another Merkel?

Another question: is Durocher's heavy breathing over Orban calming down a bit?