Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mainstreaming News: Orban's Surrender

Mainstreaming filth acting as expected.

Read here.

Hungary announced it had removed spools of razor wire from a section of its border with Slovenia, a barrier that breached EU rules about unrestricted travel within much of its territory...  
...Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban also changed his tone. He promised to consult with others before Hungary completes a razor-wire fence along its border with Croatia, a move that would insert more confusion for migrants.

Mainstreamers will always compromise, always move to the center, always agree to the anti-White position. For them, it is all politics, all rhetoric.

Mainstreamers in the "movement" - all the scum who praise Saint Viktor - are traitors and should be executed by a White ethnostate, after a trial in which their stupidity and mendacity are exposed to an outraged people.