Friday, September 4, 2015

Mainstreaming vs. Long-Term Goals

We must not confuse means with ends.

If the White race is to be saved, this will require a titanic struggle of world-historical proportions, not something consistent with mild and moderate mainstreaming politics.  We can further ask: what type of society should be established that would justify such an effort, such a sacrifice?  Even more practically: what type of society must be established that would prevent such a calamity as today’s racial crisis from ever happening again?  After all, one cannot expect a race to fight back from the edge of extinction over and over again.

We can debate these points, but looking at those memes that have contributed to today’s crisis, it would seem that any future society would need to have NO democracy and NO capitalism and NO universalist ethos such as Christianity, and, certainly, no intra-European divisiveness, especially given that WWI helped initiate the crisis and WWII brought it into full bloom. Arguments about how some or all of these memes may have helped European Man and the West are irrelevant for the present and, particularly, for the future. By analogy an adult does not consume the same diet as they did as an infant, does not play the games of a toddler, or read the books of a child. What is appropriate and healthy for one stage of development is not necessarily appropriate of healthy for another stage.

These sort of drastic societal and civilizational changes are a far cry from the mainstreaming view that all we need are a few tweaks here and there – an immigration moratorium, separating from Negroes only, a bit of “HBD race realism,” and – presto! – all problems solved. 

Now, some would argue that even if I am correct in the long-term changes needed, we need to reach those in small increments, we need to have short-term mainstreaming in order to take things one step at a time. Further, Whites would recoil from a full understanding of the necessities, and would need to be “spoon-fed” the truth a little bit at a time.

There may be some truth in those arguments and I will agree that at certain times we may need to take a step-by-step approach. Certainly, we need to modulate our rhetoric to make it as palatable as possible. However, is see problems. First, for many (most?) of these mainstreamers, the conservative/moderate/mainstream approach is an end, not a meas. They really do not want the radical restructuring I suggest is required, they want to end all by achieving the Jews/HBD/Hart nirvana of a Jeurasian Jew/Asian-dominated state with predatory capitalism, no Negroes, and Whites in a subaltern position. They certainly do not want the sort of national socialist state/Western Imperium/homogeneous ethnostate that the more radical activists envision.

And one can also argue that it is better to “rip off the band-aid quickly” than pick at it a little at a time. Perhaps, at some point, Whites need to grow up, to wake up from their child-like dreams, and face reality.  They need to be confronted by what is necessary and what needs to be done. A danger in mainstreaming is that the masses will take it all too seriously, and will focus all their effort at achieving the mainstream goals, and, so acclimated to those goals, promised to them by the leaders, they will resist most strenuously any “revealing of the true goals,”  We should not “paint ourselves into a corner” by limiting our objectives to those of mainstreaming. We shouldn’t think that a “batt-and-switch” approach with the public will be accepted, that this is the basis for a long-term restructuring of society.

Now, if some people want to promote some mainstreaming as a “front” for more radical politics, to pave the way for the “extremists,” that’s fine as far as it goes. There is a place for careful strategy and tactics to bring us closer to long term goals. But, as stated above, we must be careful not to confuse means for ends, and to have the mainstreaming memes become the actual objectives themselves. We must also be careful not to have these pseudo-mainstreamers be too good at their job, and so convince Whites of the merits of the mainstreaming positions that these Whites become resistant to any further movement toward the type of total restructuring that is required.