Monday, October 5, 2015

Another Mainstreaming Fail: Finland

Mainstreamers will one day " play the piano."

Read here.  Excerpt, emphasis added:

But the Finns Party chairman, Foreign Minister Timo Soini, said Tynkkynen's call for a meeting of party officials was unnecessary. "Quitting the government at this point would be irresponsible and create a political crisis in Finland," Soini told national broadcaster YLE. 
Tynkkynen later on Monday said that party leadership had tried to prevent him from making the proposal, and that Soini's key aide had asked him to consider resigning from the party.
The Finns party, formerly known as True Finns, joined the coalition government in May for the first time in its history, compromising on its trademark policies - EU bailouts and immigration.

So, the price of the Finns Party to be “in power” is to compromise on their fundamental core principles, including and especially immigration. Now that Finland is being flooded with aliens, the leader of the “anti-immigration” party says it would be “irresponsible” to take political action – indeed, instead of acting against the genocidal invasion of Finland, party leadership instead attacks Tynkkynen for proposing they use their political leverage for the good of the people.

This is the inevitable outcome of mainstreaming: abandonment of core principles, with an empty “achievement of power” in which the power is an end to itself and the most fundamental principles of the party are ignored.

This must never be forgotten. Any future White ethnostate must hunt down all proponents of mainstreaming and publicly – and painfully – slowly execute them after an illuminating trial.