Saturday, October 31, 2015

Buying America

HBD dreams come true.

What's wrong with this?  Asians buying their way into America. Asians displacing lowly White latrine flies from their IT positions out west. Asians buying up the best Seattle real estate (like they do in Vancouver).  Asians electing Asian Marxists to office in what used to be America. Asian criminals and fraudsters using America as a vehicle for money laundering.

Come now!  According to HBD, these are our natural masters and superiors!  We must engage in "measured groveling" to them (Derb will illustrate the proper technique)!  How dare any puny White American dare complain!

Ah, these HBDers...a future White ethnostate will need to dust off old medieval torture manuals to re-learn the methods needed to deal with them.