Friday, October 30, 2015

Hitler: The Path to Power

A good book. 

I am re-reading Flood's book about Hitler's early years (up to his release from prison after the aborted putsch).

This is an excellent, reasonably objective (only a small bit of pointing and sputtering at Hitler's views and actions, although those instances, where they do occur, seem like the author desperately - and amusingly - trying to establish his anti-Hitler bonafides), well-researched book, and I recommend it to those interested in Hitler, history, and/or national socialism.

The book also truthfully describes Hitler's excellent record as a solder in WWI, in contrast to modern revisionist attempts to discredit Hitler's performance.  Say what you will: Hitler was a fervent supporter of Germany's entry into WWI, and he fought in that war. Contrast that to today's levantine Neocons, who love to start wars that other folks have to fight. I don't quite remember any of the Necons riding into Baghdad on top of a tank...

I have been critical of Hitler and of the "movement" Cult of Saint Adolf, and I will continue to be so. However, one must state an obvious fact: Hitler was a great man, a world historical figure, an interesting individual of great talents and high intelligence, and he was right about 90% of things. If only he had concentrated more on domestic German affairs and pursued in foreign policy a Fascist International approach rather than military hegemony, if only that 10% of error were not so glaring, then I would be able to have a more positive appreciation of his role in White history.