Monday, October 19, 2015

Why Is Only Breezy Criticizing Merkel?

The pitiful "movement."

Let's give Sailer credit for keeping attention on the monstrous harridan Merkel, who is single-handedly trying to destroy Europe - first by aiding the "refugee" invasion, and now pushing for Turkey in the EU, with the huge Turkish population having full access to European lands.

Now, strictly speaking, Sailer isn't the only one on the "Right" who has critiqued Merkel.  I've done so, and there may have been a few other comments at VDARE as well. But given the enormity of Merkel's crimes, the sheer brazen genocidal fury of her anti-European animus, the lack of commentary from the "movement" has been very interesting, very instructive indeed.

What does it say when an anti-White HBDer like Sailer is more aggressive in defending European interests than is an allegedly more radical "movement" ostensibly aimed at "saving" the very Europeans Merkel is attacking?

Perhaps it says that the "movement" is so steeped in its ethnic fetishes, so immersed in its affirmative action program, so obsessed with its Manichean view of "good" vs. "bad" European ethnies, that it cannot bring itself to hold to account a German leader, even when the first and foremost victim of her policies is the German people themselves.

Note to the "movement" - when you've been out-shouted and out-radicalized by Breezy Steve the Citizenist, it's time to hoist the white flag of surrender and dissolve yourselves.

You and your obsessions have failed. It's time for something different.