Sunday, November 22, 2015

Academic Free Speech Killed by Diversity

It's getting so bad, even the Huffington Post writes about it.

If there is a common denominator to the complaints, it is students' expectation that they are entitled to a campus that is a "safe place" -- by which is meant an academic environment uncontaminated with ideas that they find "offensive." And by "offensive," students mean expression that deviates from a politically correct orthodoxy of received opinion. By this standard, any criticism, any dissent or disagreement, is not merely unwelcome, but actually threatening and harmful in a way that demands immediate protective measures by college administrators. This is a new and disturbing phenomenon. While the current generation of college students is not the first to be seduced by the power of censorship, it may be the first to insist on that power as a means of protection from viewpoints that are insufficiently sensitive to their self-image as victims. When did college students become so fearful of competing ideas? When did they become so emotionally frail that even the hint of criticism is seen as a hostile act from which they must be shielded (and for which perpetrators must be re-educated)?

The basic foundation here is White cowardice and White uselessness. Whites get cowed by affirmative action minorities most likely on race-based scholarships.  Student goes on a hunger strike?  Let them starve to death. Football team doesn't want to play?  Hey, Whitey, stop jock sniffing the Negro athlete.  White students cry when a professor criticizes affirmative action?  Laugh at them. Students get rowdy and suppress the freedoms of others? Expel them. Stop being prancing pansies, White Men.