Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Against Jack Sen

Disappointing article by Joyce.

The scum Sen has written:
In fact, Pan-Nationalist movements calling for an international & cross cultural alliance along racial lines – often times espoused by the lowest elements of our community – are more akin to the communist expectation of the worldwide worker revolt the genocidal Bolsheviks had in mind, than either Nationalism or fascism – elitist ideologies that put one's nation first.  
White-Nationalists, typically rootless beta males hailing from outside of Western Europe, ask that we forget about our individual ethnic, linguistic and cultural borders in favour of an illogical alliance that transcends borders, language and culture.

Surprise - a mendacious South Asian hybrid who is hostile to White nationalism, opposes Whites of different nations working together, promotes division, expresses contempt for nationalists from "outside of Western Europe" (that "fightin' area" that is currently creaming in its pants in raptured joy at the thought of taking in more immigrants and "refugees"), equates White nationalists with "genocidal Bolsheviks"...you get the picture.

How about this as genocide - racial admixture, exemplified by Jack Sen.

How about this as an "illogical alliance" - allying with "Western European" "ethnic nationalist" groups that have non-White leadership.

How about this for rootlessness - Britons represented by someone who could be the equivalent of Razib's grandson.

How about this for "lowest elements" - the likes of Sen.

How about this for "our community" - indigenous Europeans, including those "outside Western Europe," but excluding folks who mix the Ganges with the Thames.

How about this for "beta males" - letting yourself be cuckolded in the nationalism of your own ethny by devious racially alien "leadership."

How about pointing out the mendacity of "transcends borders, language, and culture" spewed forth by an alien who himself transcends race and ethnicity.

The "movement" is really pathetic. What's next? Razib, Jayman, Derbyshire, and Bobby Jindal as the new leaders of a Western nationalist rebirth?

Also note the use of a wop name, Giacomo Vallone ("half S. Italian-half English"), as the anti-WN, White-hating sockpuppet. So, when WNs get infuriated at the Desi flim-flam, their immediate reaction will be: "who the hell is this dumb dago lecturing us about race?" That serves multiple purposes, dividing Europeans against each other, disrupting White nationalism, "proving" that "pan-nationalism" is "illogical," and, of course, hiding the brown hands of South Asia pulling the strings from behind the scenes.