Sunday, November 15, 2015

Another Demented Turd

Also responsible for Paris.

The discovery of the passport has raised fears that some of the assailants might have entered Europe as part of the huge influx of people fleeing Syria's civil war. But Mouzalas insisted that heightened security concerns should not jeopardise the rights of refugees to safety in Europe.
In other words, the "rights" of aliens count more than the rights of your own people. The "right" of "refugees" to invade other peoples' nations is more important than the right of natives for self-preservation.  Is this creature Mouzalas serious?  Who is this demented animal?
"There could be more (such jihadists)... are we supposed to toss 100,000 people in the sea?" he asked.
Yes, exactly, If necessary, toss them in the sea. They can go elsewhere. This is madness. Someone shows up uninvited, you take them in, they attack you, and your response is to worry about them, and to wish more like them to come in. How about worrying about your own citizens, you stupid bastard?
"Greece and Europe must keep a very fine balance between security and human rights," he said.
How about the "human rights" of Europeans?  Or are they "non-people" with no rights?
"Most of (the attackers) were born and raised in Western countries... they leave Western countries with legal Western passports, go to jihad and return."
They were born and raised in Western countries, because scum like Mouzalas let in their parents and grandparents. Now he wants to let in more. So, when the sons and grandsons of the "refugees" commit acts against what few remaining European exist in one or two generations hence, future shitlibs will throw up their hands and say, "they were born and raised here, that doesn't reflect on the latest batch of a million NEC filth invaders who want to come here."
I stand by my prediction: the response of Europe to the Paris atrocity will be more immigration, more Muslims, more surrender, more groveling. All Whites are subhuman cowards, including those "outside the Hajnal line."  The "White Man's Disease" knows no boundaries.