Monday, November 30, 2015

Breaking News: Turkey Deal

Question: is Merkel the most destructive and evil individual in White history?

Breaking news is that the EU has brokered a deal with Turkey, in that Turkey will "help stem the flow of migrants" into Europe, in exchange for massive handouts, more visa access into Europe, and a fast-tracked admission to EU membership.

This is all Merkel's doing.

Putting aside for the moment that Turkey in the EU is worse than the current migrant invasion, how is Turkey going to "stem the migrant influx" - even if most are initially stopped by Turkey, won't they just find another way in? The ONLY SOLUTION is for THE EUROPEANS THEMSELVES to stop the influx AT THEIR OWN BORDERS, instead of being weak, flabby sissies who depend on Turks to do the job for them.

This is an unmitigated disaster. Merkel has to be - at least for the last 1,000 years - the absolute worst person, from a White perspective, in human history.

Just as the "movement" has an affirmative action program at the individual level, so does it have at an ethnic level. How's that all the working out so far?