Monday, November 30, 2015

Daniel S vs. Giacomo Vallone

Interesting exchange.

The key to the whole exchange is this from the webmaster (emphasis added):

DanielS, thank you for posting your comment. Giacomo, Slavic, SaraceN, James, Pavel, Josef, and Svetlana all have the exact same IP address. HMMM.


Asians are defined by their existential hatred of the West.  Fine, that's their nature, one cannot blame them.  One can blame those Westerners, those Europeans, those Whites who continue to support and enable devious Asiatics even after the facts are known.

Those White enablers need to ask: why this innate and urgent need to divide Europeans against one another?  Why the need to invent sockpuppets to "pile on" Daniel S with invented stories of inter-ethnic hostility. Cui bono?

The enablers should then ask why they continue supporting this. Being embarrassed and not wanting to admit to a mistake is an insufficient reason.

As an example of the viciously divisive and mendacious crap coming from that "exact same IP address" we see this:

Slavic OverlordWrong. healthy banter? ha! if you in fact did live in Poland (Im doubtful) my guess is Poles were too ashamed to tell you how much we hate Germans! Germans are worse than dogs! almost as bad as Jews! the fact you never heard this means you didn’t earn trust. WE DETEST GERMANS!

If that was an authentic expression of anti-German hostility from an actual Pole, it would be unfortunate, but who cares? - it is only one person. But that's not what it is. It is some ethnically ambiguous "pro-Western nationalist" from the UK impersonating a Pole in order to promote intra-European hostility and inflame German-Pole hatred.  It is juvenile stupidity with an anti-White agenda, from non-White sources which, for some reason which is not immediately obvious, are supported by genuine pro-White (and racially White) activists.

What the folks at TOO need to answer is - and this is not a rhetorical question - why do you support this?  If you do not support it, then you need to openly state it. Silence in the face of this is de facto evidence that you do in fact support it.