Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gottfried on the NPI Conference

Good and bad.

Gottfried gives a more or less balanced account, but I note with interest the comparison between NPI and the organization of which Gottfried is the leader. Gottfried's group, not surprisingly, does not engage in political activism but rather intellectual talk and it - shocking! - doesn't get much into the racial/genetic origins of the problem.

Thus, a Jew who is at least on the periphery of the "movement" engages in activity that moves folks in the direction of being apolitical, aracial, and talking about culture/politics.

We are all shocked, shocked.

Meanwhile, the picture accompanying the VDARE article is a bit distressing. Spencer is a relatively young guy, but all the white hair present at that table reinforces the System stereotype that this is all a function of a bunch of grumpy old White guys.

Some youth, please.