Thursday, November 5, 2015

Greg Johnson on White Nationalism

Our differences and their differences.

Greg Johnson has posted on White Nationalism and has made some useful comments.  For example:

Blacks, Arabs, and South Asians in Europe do not see Frenchmen, Englishmen, and Germans. They simply see white men. And we simply see blacks and browns. Our differences do not matter to them, and their differences do not matter to us. As racial tensions increase in Europe, our people will realize that they are not being attacked as Frenchmen or Germans, but simply as white men. And when Europeans resist ethnic displacement, they will increasingly regard their race as their nation and their skin as their uniform. The sooner we see ourselves as white people, united by common enemies and challenges, sharing a common origin and a common destiny, the sooner we will be equal to the tasks facing us.

That is very similar to what Francis Parker Yockey wrote in Imperium:

The touching of this racial-frontier case of the Negro however, shows to Europe a very important fact — that race-difference between white men, which means Western men, is vanishingly small in view of their common mission of actualizing a High Culture. In Europe, where hitherto the race difference between, say, Frenchman and Italian has been magnified to great dimensions, there has been no sufficient reminder of the race-differences outside the Western Civilization. Adequate instruction along this line would apparently have to take the form of occupation of all Europe, instead of only part of it, by Negroes from America and Africa, by Mongols and Turkestani from the Russian Empire.

One must be careful. Just because non-Whites don’t care about our differences, do not mean they are not important to us, and vice versa. For example, when I have talked to non-Whites (usually Asians) about race, what Greg Johnson and Francis Parker Yockey wrote rings true. For example, Chinese from China that I’ve interacted with for the most part do not recognize, do not understand, and do not care about, ethnic/sub-racial differences among Europeans.  I’ve seen Chinamen confuse the identities of White individuals of startling different ages, heights, physical appearances, ethnic backgrounds with the nonchalant: “all you Whites look the same to me.” On the other hand, differences between Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans that seem trivial to us loom large and important to them.  Just as those differences are important to them but relatively inconsequential to us, so are our differences important to us while of little interest to them. So – and if you read Johnson’s whole essay you see he agrees with this – differences that exist between European ethnies are important (to us at least), and should be preserved.

However, the main point of Johnson and Yockey stands. While our internal differences are important and should not be forgotten, they are not existential, nor are they disjunctive in the same sense that the “West Against the Rest” Europe/non-Europe difference is disjunctive as a result of the combination of both biological and cultural factors working in synergy.

In this sense, the attitude of non-Europe to Europe is instructive and useful. While we strive to preserve our internal diversity, our position as a hated minority of the world’s population, a threatened and endangered minority, means that we must also strive for unity along with our diversity. We should be White Men first, and then (fill in the blank of the more narrow group) second.  The two mindsets can be completely compatible, in the same sense as someone can be both an autonomous individual as well as a member of a family, or both a member of a family and a member of an ethnic group.  Can we be both a White and a member of the broader human race? Yes, we can, one the race is secure and once other races accept that Whites are no longer the doormats of the Earth, once they have been humbled in their anti-White hubris and have ended their genocidal animus toward the White Man. Until then though, respect can be given only to those who give back in return – and that should hold both within the race as well as between races.