Friday, November 20, 2015

In the News, 11/20/15

Trump, China, and another comic article by the Inspector Clouseau of nationalism.

1. When the Shitlibs aren't telling us that the Paris terrorists were "Frenchmen" and "Belgians," and when they aren't telling us how harmless "Syrian refugees" are, then they tell the gamesters how stupid they are for supporting Trump because "opinion polls show he wouldn't win the national election."

Now, if there is a reason why the gamesters may be stupid about Trump, it is this. But, for the moment, let us assume that "the Trumpening" really is what the dewy-eyed, starstruck, heavy-breathing gamesters tell us it is. Does the Shitlib assertion make sense, even if true?

No, it doesn't. Because the "lesser of two evils" attitude is to a large extent responsible for getting us in the mess we are in.

Let us assume for the moment that opinion polls really show that Jeb Bush would do better against, say, Hillary Clinton, in the general election than would Donald Trump.  It's meaningless, because a Jeb Bush victory would be just as bad - or perhaps worse (on the general premise that a traitor is worse than an enemy) - than a Clinton one. 

In an election between an anti-White, pro-amnesty Republican and an anti-White, pro-amnesty Democrat. Whites lose regardless of the outcome. Assuming that Trump himself is not an anti-White, pro-amnesty Republican, a Trump victory, however unlikely, would be a White victory. That being so, those in favor of a White victory are correct to support Trump (again, I am speaking hypothetically), because that is the only outcome that would be favorable. To the extent that the outcome is unlikely, then the Trump supporters need to work that much harder between now and November 2016.

In contrast, a Bush victory is worse than worthless, and the same can be said about all the other GOP candidates. So, "electability" is irrelevant if the "electable" candidate is openly hostile to your beliefs on the most important issues. Making the "unelectable" "more electable" is the only strategy with a pay-off.

2. Here we see the Human Petri Dish of China once again threatening humanity with horrendous diseases. One day we'll all be wiped out by something incubating in the festering swamp of "high IQ."

Thus, we can ask the HBDers yet another question: If the Chinese are such big-brained, high-IQ. k-selected supermen, then why is their nation an over-populated, filthy, disease-ridden, polluted, poorly-run enterprise?

Why is the Land of the Gods so goddamned dirty?

And, no, your answer cannot be: "Well, you're right of course, but my prostate is all backed up, so I need to engage in 'measured groveling' to my live-action China Doll sex-toy 'wife' and tell everyone how ever-so-superior East Asians are to the lowly Europeans."

3. Durocher tells us we need to learn French.  After all, we can read his essays in the original language, which can add to the comic relief.

Marine Le Pen as our Evita. No doubt, indeed! She is singing for Durocher:
Don't cry for me my Europa
The truth is I was never a racialist
All through my liberal days
My fraud existence
I kept my promise (to Jews and globalists)
Don't keep your distance (from our assimilating minorities)