Thursday, November 26, 2015

In the News, 11/26/15

Some items.

A senior German police official says some of the migrants reaching Europe are Islamic State radicals planning terrorist attacks…The Austria Press Agency cited German federal police chief Hans-Georg Maasen as saying that some who blend in with the migrants fought with IS and are planning a "combat mission" once they arrive in Europe.

I'm right once again, and the leftists wrong, wrong, wrong. And then we read:

Scores of migrants stranded at Greece's northern border have clashed with police while trying to force their way into Macedonia.

The migrants from Iran, Morocco, Pakistan and several other countries...

Hey! I thought they were all poor, persecuted "refugees from Syria?"

2. The purple-lipped, jug-eared mulatto currently living in the White House today compared Syrian refugees with the Pilgrims, and that today we celebrate those people (the Pilgrims) fleeing persecution, and those people (the Native Americans) who helped them. Perhaps the teleprompter-reading idiot would like to re-think that comparison? How did all of that end up for the Native Americans, hmmmm?

3. The System is really getting hysterical over Throwback Trump. Of course, it doesn't help that Der Trumpening is a childish obnoxious buffoon.