Sunday, November 1, 2015

Is Onan a Mainstreamer, a Traditionalist, or a Gamester?

Durocher's sweaty obsession on display again.

Which can be compared to previous comments at this blog here.

Well, Orban is better than Merkel, no doubt, but the mainstreamers' obsession with Saint Viktor is, to put it mildly, strange. One can almost imagine Durocher's heavy breathing as he writes about Chicken Wire Vik, champion of blustering talk and of a flimsy fence that photographers have snapped pictures of, with smiling migrants climbing over and under, and with bored-looking Hungarian police standing by doing nothing.

Of course, those police were a bit more active when it came time to shut down the NPI conference.

Durocher's excitement over Orban's obvious attempts to win votes from Jobbik (what would Vik be doing if the Jobbik electoral threat was not there, I wonder?), rivals that of some folks getting all hot and bothered over Putin wrestling tigers bare-chested, or Roissy's girl-crush on "the Trumpening."

How about praising politicians and leaders for real pro-White action, rather than for shutting down nationalist conferences in Budapest, building mosques in Moscow, and praising legal "highly skilled" immigration?