Monday, November 16, 2015

Long-Term Silver Lining

These are your opponents.

The Derb exposes some academic stupidity:

During Wax’s speech, about a dozen members of the [Union] … rose and walked to the back of the room, where they turned their backs on Wax and raised their fists in the air. Several students cried during her speech.

In the short-term, this is of course a problem: the destruction of American academia, White worthlessness (but, how many of the "Whites" were White Gentiles?), etc.

In the long-term, there is a real silver-lining here.  Think about it, you White racist haters. Your ideological opponents are such that openly start crying because they hear a speech (by a professor) opposing affirmative action.

The Left is dominant only because the Right is pathetic and refuses to fight back.  People who cry because they hear an academic argument that goes against their beliefs?  Do you think these "people" are going to oppose a determined Rightist take-over of society?  What will they do?  Burst out into tears?  Demand "safe spaces?"  What does it say about "the Right" that it constantly loses to an opponent that has the mentality and fortitude of an over-sensitive spoiled child?

Yes, in the short run, this is all depressing and bad news. In the long run, it tells us that if the Right can ever become assertive and, more importantly, highly organized and disciplined, then the crybabies will collapse in a paroxysm of tears, curled up in a fetal position, sucking their thumbs.

This is why the situation is so frustrating. Yes, the System is powerful. Yes, it has a repressive infrastructure and great external resources. Yes, it has the backing of the wealthy and of various organizations and corporations,. But the System is intellectually and morally bankrupt, and its academic foot soldiers are soft, flabby crybabies. The System is a colossus with feet of clay.  It has not yet been tested by a determined opposition.