Friday, November 13, 2015

Odds and Ends, 11/13/15

Items underscoring White worthlessness and "movement" uselessness.

This is the sort of community-based activism that is necessary, quite unlike the atomized freakishness of the American "movement" and its affirmative action leadership.

We now know that since the beginning of Tony Blair’s premiership to the present day, there has been a disturbing tendency amongst Police and state officials at a local level to deliberately look the other way when factual evidence of racially motivated torture and abuse of white children is presented by these children’s parents or guardians. These children are “regarded with contempt” (Prof. Alexis Jay on the South Yorkshire Police). Our homeland and race are being sold down the river by liberal-Leftie intellectuals who import a catastrophic volume of immigrants, many of whom are savages, totally lacking the capability to adapt to the norms of a civilized society, and then proceed to hand them extortionate sums of taxpayers money. (A classic example of this being the Somali family on benefits handed keys to £2 million luxury “council” home in London, Daily Mail). But this is not enough for the self-loathing white apparatchiks of the state, who have internalized a nonsensical, outdated idea of white guilt, and the foreign colonists who demand not merely money but the blood of our children to sate their appetites.

We have to face the fact that the state and the Police are not merely set up to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity,” but operate a racial double standard in relation to indigenous whites and foreign invaders, behind which is a hidden single standard of institutionalized hatred for whites. This hatred is clearly of no consequence for people like Denis MacShane, Labour MP for Rotherham from 1994 to 2012, who would rather white children be doused in petrol and raped at gunpoint, than “rock the multicultural community boat.” MacShane was later jailed as part of the expenses scandal, where he submitted false receipts for over twelve thousand pounds.

What can you do with a worthless race like Whites?  Not much, I'm afraid. A race that would accept this would accept virtually any humiliation.

HBDers support Jews. No punishment one could think of would be sufficient for the anti-White genocidal HBD filth.

One of the most profound gaps between whites and minorities is on the question of the country’s future. Whites are the most pessimistic, with 71 percent seeing the U.S. “going off on the wrong track,” compared with just 41 percent of blacks.  The death rate among middle-aged whites of all education levels spiked starting around 1999, largely caused by increases in drug and alcohol abuse, drug and alcohol overdoses and suicides, the study found. At the same time, the mortality rate among blacks and Hispanics has been dropping, and no other comparable increase in deaths among a demographic group has occurred in any other major industrialized country.

There is fertile ground here for a real movement to take advantage of White angst over their future. Instead, we have a “movement” obsessed with Hitler and WWII, Kali Yuga and “men who can’t tell time,” admixture coefficients and PCA plots, Julius Evola’s bathroom habits, cephalic indices and Julius Caeser’s eye color, Heidegger’s “being,” using “EGI” to explain bad weather and the price of milk rather than intelligently using Salter’s important work for political purposes, or some neckbeard shooting up someplace and killing folks who weren’t even his target.  Whites may be worthless, but the "movement" hasn't even tried to make any real headway; until then, the "movement" is as much to blame as are the worthless White masses.

The “movement” must be utterly and completely destroyed and replaced by something new and useful.