Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pathetic Durocher, 11/16/15

Perhaps he can move to Budapest and become Orban's butler?

You will have to forgive me if I risk turning The Occidental Observer into the Orbán News Network…

I don't know what is more laughable: Durocher's feminine man-crush on Orban or Roissy's homoerotic fixation on Trump.

And then we have a full paragraph of rambling suppositions trying to justify Orban's  ("the Prince*") despicably leftist cancelling of the NPI conference and deportation of Spencer:

I have no particular insight as to why the Orbán government – and it was certainly a ministerial-level decision – deported Richard Spencer for attempting to organize a pro-European conference in Budapest in October 2014. I continue to think that it is most likely that “the Prince” Orbán decided he would rather see the conference shut down than risk his regime losing political capital by association with marginal (to him) “American racists and Russian imperialists.” Admittedly, given all the things Orbán has done and been attacked for by Western elites over the years, this seems a very petty, even irrationally niggardly calculation. Given that Zsolt Bayer, Orbán’s close friend and co-founder of his political party, has explicitly defended White racial interests in the context of the migration crisis, one is tempted to think that if Orbán shut down a conference out of fear with association with White Nationalists, it may well because, as the media insinuates, he is in fact “guilty” of harboring similar ideas . . .

*Like Cinderella, Durocher will leave his shoe behind, ensnared in part of Vik's chicken-wire fence, and Prince Orban will go breathlessly searching for the right fit.