Saturday, November 14, 2015

Salter on Constitutional Conventions and More White Surrender in Australia.

Why does this happen?

If the prospect of Anglo-only conventions seems outrageously discriminatory, why did our Prime Minister agree to indigenous-only ones? Will the media highlight instances of non-indigenous Australians being barred from meetings or prevented from speaking? Will bureaucrats establish a working group to accredit attendees by race? Perhaps badges will be issued showing a large “I” for indigenous people, and an “O” for other ethnicities. No, that would be too easy to fake. Can we look forward to federal police at the door checking racial ID? DNA tests can now be done quickly.

I think we need a detailed analysis, working backwards, to figure out where things are going wrong.  Why did the Prime Minister make his decision?  If the media is biased against Anglo-Australians, why is that?  We need to trace things back to their origins. Who is responsible?  Where did their ideology come from?  If pro-White people bring forth an Anglo-oriented convention, what would happen? Who would oppose it?  Why? What reasons would they give?  Why would the media support of oppose it?  What would be the reaction of the Anglo-Australian masses?  Why would they have that reaction?

I’m not talking abstractly here.  We need to unravel the real and concrete power structures, interests, impediments, and reasons for why some things happen and other things do not. All need to be traced back as far as is possible, to their initial origins. The roadblocks need to be very clearly identified and analyzed in detail.