Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sessions for VP?

Running mate?

I realize these posts on the minutiae of American politics likely do not interest the foreign (mostly from Europe, with some from Asia) readers of this blog, but, nevertheless, most readers are from the USA.

Following up on this, we can ask: in the unlikely (but still theoretically possible) event that Trump is the 2016 GOP nominee, who should be his running mate?

Hopefully, by now, "the Trumpening" has given up on "Oprah Winfrey," and may be actually thinking about a running mate who shares basic ideology.

I believe Senator Sessions would be an excellent choice, as Sessions complements Trump in certain key areas, making up for some weaknesses.

In contrast to Trump as a blustering obnoxious buffoon with no political experience, Sessions is an intelligent and articulate US Senator, whose status as "experienced insider" balances out Trump as the "maverick outsider."

In contrast to Trump as the "brash New Yorker," Sessions has the image of a Southern Gentleman, who would help Trump win over any folks in the South and West with lingering suspicions (well-founded, by the way) of Trump and his NYC and Jewish connections.

Sessions is the leading immigration-skeptic voice in mainstream politics today, and would give Trump's immigration rhetoric more intellectual depth (as indeed, he has already done, according to news reports crediting Sessions for helping Trump flesh out a policy statement on immigration).

Of course, we will be told that such a ticket would be "unbalanced" - with two older White males, both with similar "far-right" (sic!) views on immigration. Point is, anyone who would be turned off by Sessions wouldn't be voting for Trump anyway.