Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Some Dumb Quotes From Sen, 11/25/15

It's time again to focus on Jack Sen, which will be an ongoing area of interest for this blog.
Some idiotic quotes with my comments:
This is probably the reason why I joined UKIP in the first place. UKIP’s positon on immigration is that ALL forms of mass immigration are wrong. Whether it’s from White or non-White nations, due to the impact it would have on Britain’s unique culture. As a British culturalist, I want to see Britain’s indigenous culture protected at all costs.
Of course he is a "culturalist" - he's not an ethnic Briton. Who is he to be lecturing anyone on who belongs or does not belong in the UK?
And this is where my opinions vary to a great degree from many self-described White Nationalists. I believe that whether mass immigration originates in Africa or Eastern Europe, it’s detrimental to British society. For me this is more about preserving indigenous people and culture, that happen to be White.
Note how this duplicitous Desi puts up a straw man of "White nationalism" to knock down. Hey, Gunga, it's not up to you to speak for White nationalists. Who among so-called White nationalists believes that the UK should be flooded with Eastern Europeans, or any other non-Britons for that matter? This is some sort of weird reflexive animus among some Anglosphere nationalists (and fraud-nationalists like Sen), this invented belief that "White nationalism" or "pan-Europeanism" asserts that all Europeans are completely fungible and that national identities are unimportant. That's an outright lie, and the fact that one may find one or a few exceptions (not "many") does nothing but prove the rule: WNs are in general indeed respectful of national identities, particularly in our European homelands, and do NOT believe that all Whites are identical. But...guess what?  If Eastern Europeans don't belong in the UK, South Asians and those with South Asian ancestry DO NOT BELONG THERE EITHER.  Yes, Poles should leave the UK. After Sen does.
People might not want to hear this...
What people? Kemp?
...but many South African Whites themselves have African ancestry and, by way of the one drop rule, have as much right to be in Africa as any full Black person. The fact that they present or self-identify as White doesn’t mean they aren’t African culturally or ethnically. 
That is the most silly, genetically ignorant and identity-obtuse stupidity imaginable.  So, if White South Africans are "African culturally or ethnically" then what does that make Sen? The Ganges beckons.
One need only spend a few moments in South Africa to know that racial lines are blurred. 
Blurred like in the "British Renaissance" "movement?"
Under Apartheid, families were often divided, with siblings from the same household attending different schools because of how mixed society in fact is.
That's due to a moronic phenotype-based view of race, instead of a kinship-based one. Of course (see below), Sen himself endorses the phenotype view (which by the way openly contradicts what he said above about White South Africans).
White nationalists...

Patel seems to be speaking for White nationalists again. But he says he is not a White nationalist. How about letting them speak for themselves, curry-muncher?

...seem to look at the White South African as some sort of pure White coloniser, when in fact many Afrikaners can trace their ancestry back to original settlers and their Malay, Indian and sometimes even Black lovers.

The Sen family would know all about this, no doubt.

If it suits the narrative for a mixed person to be Black, he will be. If it suits them to be White, he will be. I merely think of Barack Obama.

What an idiot.  Can Obama pass for White?  But, wait it gets better:

I think encouraging predominantly White people who present as White to identify as white and fight for European and White causes is a sensible course of action.

So, doesn't Obama "present" as Black?  And if phenotype is all important, why agonize over "drops" in White South Africans?  Aren't they "predominantly White people who present as White?"  And why talk about "European and White causes" when you openly reject White nationalism and identify as a British "culturalist?"

That this guy contradicts himself in the same interview doesn't bode well for his sincerity, does it?  Or maybe half the time it is "Jack Sen" talking and the other half it is "Giacomo Vallone?"