Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Someone Else's Criticism of Durocher

A less mocking confirmation of my own view.

A commentator at The Occidental Observer writes (emphasis added):

Here as elsewhere, what M. Durocher both covers and fails to cover indicates that he has an unshakable belief that the EU and its bureaucrats can be transformed into forces for good with just a modicum of pushing and prodding in the right direction—viz., the Right direction—and that their utterances (as opposed to their actions) ought to be examined with the care that ancient Roman augurs expended upon the innards of birds. This attitude has become a marked characteristic of what might otherwise be genuinely interesting insider accounts of the open warfare on all things (and people) white and Christian in Europe and the British Isles, warfare that may be the fate of us white people in the Western Hemisphere before this decade is over. Yet he reduces the examination of every issue of note to the predictably empty chatter of politicians, their epigones, and those who do the politicians’ thinking for them—the sort of people one might see on Meet the Press or at Charlie Rose’s table. 
Please, M. Durocher, do better by us, your readers. For a start, please pledge never to use the expression “Overton window” again. Life is simply too short for this sort of dead-end jargon.

I agree.  But, I go further. This is part of the core of mainstreaming - looking at talk rather than action, desperately trying to parse the every word of (treasonous) elites looking for some hint that "they are on our side," greatly exaggerating the extent that moderate rightists are actually getting anything accomplished. This commentator is essentially asking Durocher to become someone else. The characteristics described above are what mainstreaming is, and unless Durocher repudiates mainstreaming, one can expect more of the same.