Monday, November 9, 2015

We Have a Winner: Scenario Four

And Derbyshire himself helps to bring it about.

 I’ll deal with HBD another time…

In other words, I’ll explain another time why you need to bow and scrape to “Rosie” and her kind, just like I do with my “measured groveling.”

And while Scenario Two might very well happen, it’s not a very good result. The First World would end up with big sub-populations of blacks and Muslims, two groups that no European nation anywhere has been able fully to assimilate.

What about Asians? Not allowed to talk about them, right Derb?  And who wants to assimilate any of these non-White groups, anyway?  Doing so would result, ultimately, in a miscegenating panmixia.  Better that they don’t assimilate. But, wait, of course, Derbyshire has come out in favor of miscegenation, so, for him, assimilation, including at the level of the genes, is a good thing. After all, he’s done it himself.

And, really, I would think Derbyshire would favor Scenario Two, instead of saying “It’s not a very good result.”  This option – to which he gives the highest probability, not coincidentally – would preserve the broad outlines of nation states built on the backs of Whites, while allowing all the “Rosies” to remain, accepted and “assimilated.”

Here’s where you get into a shouting match with white nationalists, though. “No,” they insist, “whites will only tolerate so much of this marginalization. Then they’ll rise up and take back the situation!”

Excuse me, Mr. Derbyshire, you DO NOT speak for “White nationalists.”  Many of us, including this blog, are highly pessimistic that pitifully weak and pathetic Whites will muster the slightest resistance to their dispossession. I would consider Derb’s Scenario Four to be far and away the most probable outcome.

And do you know what a solid piece of evidence is for that pessimism?  That even so called “White nationalists” and “racialists” support and promote filth like Derbyshire, give him an honored place among conference speakers (after he insults attendees of such conferences), despite the fact that Derbyshire himself is part of the problem. For godssakes, he’s married to a Chinese woman, he brought her into the USA, produced mixed-race children who are living in the USA, he has added to the racial diversity of America, he supports miscegenation and denounces racial nationalism, and this racial leftist is praised by “racialists” and is respected as some sort of wise elder statesman.  In case the “movement” has trouble understanding, I’ll put it in bold and big font to assist:


When you support and promote Derbyshire, when you give him a platform, you are promoting the race problem, which, to be honest, makes you part of the problem as well.  If even educated and activist “White nationalists” cheer and support a leading proponent and active participant of diversity and miscegenation, then what hope is there for the dull masses?

Thankfully, some people do get it. I’ll leave you with the words of Greg Johnson, who is apparently one of the few people in the “movement” who calls it like it is about Diversity Derbyshire:

Derbyshire, by the way, is not a White Nationalist at all. He is a conservative cognitive elitist who is married to a Chinese woman and has two non-white children. Beyond that, he has attacked White Nationalists in the most scurrilous terms, referring to AmRen attendees as “latrine flies” and attacking Kevin MacDonald on the most swinish possible grounds. It is only when this sucking up to Jews and centrists failed to save him from the charges of racism that he began to associate with White Nationalists, who were all too willing to cross his palm with silver. Frankly it is disgusting that the donations of White Nationalists are being sluiced into the pockets of this opportunist.