Saturday, November 14, 2015

What You Sow So Shall You Reap

The chickens have come home to roost, as Malcolm X would say.

"This time it's war," declared the Le Parisien daily, as France's media reacted with horror but determination after Friday's wave of attacks that left at least 120 dead.

Yes, it is war.  The problem you see is that only one side is fighting it. When only one side fights a war, the other side inevitably loses. Yes, I know that is common sense, but with the shockingly inferior pile of biomass known as “the White race,” the most simple declarations of self-interest have to be carefully explained as if one were talking to a small child.

Centre-right daily Le Figaro took up a similar theme, splashing with the headline "War in central Paris" amid scenes of carnage at several locations in the French capital.

Well, you’ve been importing millions of enemy soldiers. Yes, it is war.

Many papers called for unity in the country that is still reeling from jihadist attacks in January that claimed 17 lives."In the name of the true martyrs of yesterday, the innocent victims and in the name of the Republic, France will be able to stay united and stand together," said Le Parisien.

Such statements are exactly the reason why this incident occurred in the first place. What France needs now is not “unity.”  You don’t need “unity” with those attacking you and killing you. You don’t need “unity” with those demographically replacing you. You don’t need “unity” with politicians who promote native French genocide. What you do need is DISUNITY, a second French Revolution that would make the first look like a calm parliamentary debate by comparison.

The "terrorist barbarism" has crossed a "historic line," said the head of the left-leaning Liberation daily, calling for France to stay resolute.

To be “resolute,” all “left-leaning” Frenchmen need to be put on trial, you know, like Louis XVI. And with the same outcome.

"It is impossible not to link these bloody events with the battles raging in the Middle East. France is playing its part there. It must continue to do so without blinking," wrote Laurent Joffrin in an editorial.

Joffrin, you stupid, despicable, pathetic, mendacious bastard, let me rewrite that for you:

It is impossible not to link these bloody events with mass immigration and multiculturalism in France. France is destroying itself. It must not continue to do so, and must take purge the nation of aliens without blinking.

After Rotherham and Charlie Hebdo I made predictions:

More immigration, more Muslims, more “hate laws” against native nationalists, more multiculturalism, more surrender.

And I was right. We are in the midst of a “refugee” invasion of Europe by the same folk that France is “at war” with in the “Middle East.”  Expect that the reaction to the Paris atrocity to be:

More immigration, more refugees, more Muslims, more surrender, more legal persecution of the Front National (which may well be outlawed), more laws restricting native activism, more concern about a non-existent “backlash,” more praise for “unity” and “diversity” and “multiculturalism,” and more talk about fighting in “the Middle East” rather than fighting in the streets of France, where the enemy actually is.

This blog is, of course, a pacifistic trumpet of humanitarianism, non-violence, and tolerance. Of course – and let there be no doubt whatsoever! – that this blog abhors and denounces any and all forms of violence, and instead calls for a calm inter-faith and inter-ethnic dialogue to resolve these issues. No doubt. But, speaking purely hypothetically, we can ask – if the native French ethny were healthy, how would they react to this?  Well, the same way a healthy British population would have reacted to Rotherham: by rampaging through the streets, butchering the immigrant communities, hanging the politicians, and setting up a far-right racial nationalist revolutionary government. This blog of course opposes any such actions, which would be horribly horrendous and inappropriate. Just saying that describes what a normal and healthy reaction would be.  No need to worry about it. Whites are so pitifully weak, so subhumanly inferior, and so devoid of any dignity or self-respect that they will grovel and surrender, and so set themselves up for the next such incident.

The Dodo Bird was infinitely more superior – from the standpoint of biological adaptive fitness – than the lowly White race is today.