Thursday, November 26, 2015

Whining Whites

No one to blame but themselves.

Well, that's real tough and all, and I feel the same way. But who is to blame?  Who voted in all the politicians who opened the borders and pandered to coloreds?  Who refused to vote for Pat Buchanan - a moderate mainstream Republican who nevertheless was and is sound on immigration and national identity - and instead cheered "Civil Rights Republican" Dole when stiff-arm Bob invited all 'dem dere bigots and haters to leave the convention hall?  Who continued to support Ronnie Raygun after the 1980s amnesty?  Who laughed off Duke's Presidential candidacy? Who supported John McAmnesty and "strap the dog to the roof of the car" liberal Republican Romney?  Whose votes can be taken for granted, an automatic given, by the White-hating GOP Establishment?  Who, even now, is afraid that "Touchback Trump" is a "fascist" and that we must have Jeb or Marco instead?

Hey, Whitey!  Feel alienated?  Blame yourself.