Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why There Will Never Be Peace In the "Movement" Over the Christianity Issue

I guess I'm "nothing" then (my critics would approve, no doubt).

White people are nothing without Christianity,

This is the reason there will never be peace in the "movement" over the religion issue. The Christians are always the aggressors - not "some of the time," not "most of the time, " but ALL of the time.

Christianity trumps race for them. They ignore the fact that someone can be dedicated to the West and its heritage without being a believing Christian, they are completely intolerant, they conflate "being White" with "being Christian" (as in the quote above).

I must criticize such obnoxious and self-righteous nonsense in the strongest terms possible.

I therefore return the favor: only a person who is NOT a believing Christian can be an effective fighter for race and civilization. The Christians have divided loyalties and can never be fully trusted.