Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Breakthrough Imbecile

Absolute nonsense.

Let's see: let's celebrate Roissy the Race-Mixer, who promotes nihilistic hedonism, revels in his non-White sexual partners, tells White men that having sex with Negresses will increase the men's "sexual marketplace value," who asserts that men who care about their race, culture, and society are "chumps" - yes, alright, that's a sign of progress no doubt!

Touchback Trump, he of the part-Jewish family, who believes that criticism of affirmative action is "very tough" on the "African-American community" - yes, indeed, Der Trumpening will ride into the White House like Ronnie Raygun.  Sure, we can all retire from racial activism with the new Trump administration - Donald Trump, who declared he wanted Oprah Winfrey (a possible girlfriend for Roissy?) as his running mate.  And Ron Paul?  Are any idiots still thinking "sound money for brown people" Ronnie is worth a damn for anything?

Red Ice Radio has had some good material, including Salter, but some of the conspiracy mongering is plain silly.

The Right Stuff (which by the way terms gamesters as "pussynerds" and criticizes libertarians like Paul, but let's not expect consistency from a website like TOO) also has some good material, but their forums are the typical dregs of absolute "movement" stupidity and imbecilic trolling, and, truth be told, snark doesn't compensate for thoughtful analysis (which is why I restrict the former to Richard Lynn's Pseudoscience and indulge in the latter elsewhere, particularly Western Destiny).

In summary, most of the "signs of progress" mentioned in the TOO article are signs of decadence, signs of a pathetic and embarrassingly self-unaware "movement."  As represented by the "game" crowd, all these "signs of progress" deal with societal degeneration by joining in: sexual hedonism, race-mixing, conspiracy-mongering, HBD pseudoscience, fossilized dogmas, obsessions with White Knights who don't give a damn about the White Race.

That's the price of the affirmative action that Trump denounces - it puts into place people for reasons other than merit and ability. Endless decades of the "movement's" affirmative action program has led to decadence and decay being championed as progress.

What a way to end 2015 and begin 2016: more of the same from a failed "movement."