Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Wish: Delenda Est HBD

Crush the infamy!

 …but they don’t offer an overall vision that can galvanize the masses against the establishment and inspire a cultural revival that is European rather than about IQ scores and pro-Asian in its celebration of IQ scores in abstraction from any sense of people-hood.

That's right. "Pro-Asian" is a marked understatement.  HBD is a radical, militant political movement which has as its objective the humiliating enslavement of European-derived Whites to Jews and Asians.

To put it in a Derbyshirian way: HBD is all about the "measured groveling" of Whites before the Altar of Asia.

Don't you have any sense of pride, White man?  Aren't you going to resist the HBDers putting the yoke on you, for you to be the goyisch cattle serving a Jewish/East Asian/South Asian ruling caste?

And with respect to the difference between real science and HBD quackery, I once again point you to Harpending's comments at approximately 8:00-9:30 here.  Real science is skeptical questioning and hypothesis testing. HBD is composed of dogmatic "true believers" who follow cult leaders (e.g., Lynn) and become hysterical at any attempt at criticism or clarification.

And that's because HBD is not science and is not about an authentic attempt to understand reality.  it's the political-academic arm of Asiatic world conquest.

You should "walk away" from HBD real fast.