Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Counter-Currents MacDonald Interview

Good, but with some problems.

Mostly good. I wasn't thrilled with the excessive Trumpism: the man is useful for creating chaos, but all this "man on white horse" breathlessness is pathetic. How many times has the "movement" been burned? Doesn't anyone ever learn? I wont't even mention the pro-Orbanism.

The main problem was with all the HBD-style flim-flam. Any theory of European history and behavior has to include Neolithic farmers. Fact is, varying degrees of Neolithic ancestry is found throughout Europe, including Northern Europe, and one cannot conflate the whole issue to Indo-Europeans vs. Northern Hunter-Gatherers. 

Is there evidence for increased "clannishness" in Southern Europe? Let's take a look at national individualism vs. collectivism. Does it go along with the dogmatic narrative? Italy is fairly high in individualism despite having more Neolithic ancestry. Despite being high in the Hunter-Gatherer ancestry, Russia has much greater collectivism. Hungary is resisting the refugees, and is low on collectivism. Italy and Greece, the assumed "clannish" nations, are taking in immigrants and refugees, and are sending out ships to rescue refugees at sea. How does that all fit into the narrative? And if these behaviors are genetic, shouldn't people of these ancestries living in America recapitulate Old World behavior? Do they? Data? Or is this all more "just so" stories to retroactively fit square peg data into round hole theories? 

And why does anyone in the "movement" take trash like "HBD Chick" seriously? Her "theories" have as many holes as what was discussed in the podcast. HBD is all highly politicized pseudoscience. 

What is wrong with all these people?