Friday, December 4, 2015

Durocher's Stupidity Explained With Charts


With a whole literature of population genetics out there, including sites like Dienekes that puts the data in a form that even semi-retardates like Durocher could understand, and the idiot uses material from the anti-Salter, anti-White, Jamaican HBDer "Jayman" as well as from 23andMe (*), a commercial DNA testing company which, for whatever utility it may have, is still deeply flawed and misleading (when will they give statistical error? parental populations and how that creates artifacts in the data?), and, of course, has an agenda to make money (indeed, all past criticisms made in the past about DNAPrint Genomics and my support for that flawed product [**], also applies in this case as well).

Durocher is an embarrassment and he is making a mockery of Counter-Currents. He should stick to things he has knowledge of: political jock-sniffing of Orban and fanboy heavy-breathing over Marine Le Pen. European ancestry and genetics are not part of that knowledge base it appears (putting aside that biopolitical considerations need to be based on genetic kinship, something you won't get from White-hating HBD bloggers or politically-correct companies).

*Who themselves take some of the material from the literature, which Durocher is too stupid and lazy to access directly, or even indirectly through Dienekes that supplies the original links. Of course, Durocher doesn't want to delve too deeply into this, as the data refute his previous flim-flam about European nationalities being akin to different races.

**It was the only game in town at the time for autosomal testing, and introduced the concept to the market. These days, with the field much more advanced, there is no reason to be so far behind the curve with respect to what is in the literature. And, despite all their faults, DNAPrint did put some material online about statistical error, more than I can say about today's companies, which for the most part pretend that it doesn't exist.